Celeste Johnson

ABOUT  //   As a native Montanan, Celeste loves to enjoy all that our beautiful state has to offer. Whether it’s a bicycle ride, a motorcycle adventure, or a trip to the local hotsprings – Celeste lives a creative and thoughtfully curated life.
STYLING PHILOSOPHY  //   Celeste creates her client’s styles by pulling inspiration from her unique view of the world around her. She creates personally tailored looks, and gives shout outs to vintage classics along the way.
PERSONAL STYLE  //   Part biker ballerina, part Old Hollywood starlet, Celeste’s style is an evolving work of art. Oftentimes she looks like she just raided your grandma’s closet. We like to call her style, “Grunge Granny.”
CONTINUING EDUCATION  //   As a colorist, Celeste has been awarded for her exceptional work in a nationwide color competition. Her drive to stay current and continually learn has taken her across the country as well as across the globe. From studying color in Stockholm to perfecting her cutting in New York, Celeste continues her education to spread her love of hair, fashion, and style. As a part of the R+Co Creative Council along with Theory’s education initiatives, Celeste has had the privilege of traveling to take classes from industry leaders, bringing back education and inspiration to her fellow stylists and her clients.
FAVORITE PRODUCTS  //   R+Co Cactus Texture Shampoo, Oribe Fibergroom, R+Co Sail Soft Wave Spray
Women’s Haircut: $70+
Men’s Haircut: $40+
Color Only: $80-135+
Cut + Color: $115-170+

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